• MOSPRA Regional Directors 

    Duties & Expectations


    General information:

    • Regional directors are elected in December and take office the following July.
    • While being an NSPRA member is not imperative, it is encouraged.
    • Prior to running for the MOSPRA Board, potential candidates should receive permission to serve, as well as support, from their direct superior. Board members are generally expected to have their travel and other Board-related expenses covered by their district, but MOSPRA will make arrangements to assist if needed.


    Individuals elected to serve as MOSPRA Regional Directors have several key duties including, but not limited to:

    • Representing their regions at all MOSPRA Board meetings (both in-person and virtual). The MOSPRA Board typically meets in person in September (or October); virtually in October, November and December; in person for the Winter Retreat in February; and in person (if needed) at the Spring Conference in March. (Newly elected Regional Directors will also be invited to the Board Winter Retreat prior to taking office.)
    • Planning regional meetings (in-person and virtual). For the Eastern, Western and Ozark Regions, these meetings are typically in September, October, December (usually a “social hour”), January, and February. Meetings in April, May and June are at the discretion of the Director. The Mid-State region meets in-person less often as members are from more remote parts of the state. The Mid-State Director should plan at least four meetings either in-person or virtual.
    • Regional meetings held in-person will call for logistical planning, meals, and presenters (when necessary).
    • Should a Regional meeting have a presenter that would be of interest to a greater audience, we encourage hosting the session via Zoom and inviting all members statewide. (The Executive Director will assist with these events.)

    MOSPRA asks the previous year’s Regional Directors to act as “Past Directors” to give assistance to the incoming Directors. New Board members will be provided contact information to their Past Directors.

    Regional Director Duties