• MOSPRA Strategic Plan

    2023 – 2028




    The Missouri School Public Relations Association (MOSPRA) is the leader in providing connection, collaboration, and professional development for school communicators to strengthen support for public education. We strive to build trust, foster positive relationships, and improve communication between Missourians and their public schools, leading to greater student success.



    Goal 1:  Membership Services


    MOSPRA will be the leader in providing quality services to our members as part of their participation in the association. High-caliber services and support in the areas of communications, public relations, marketing, and specific areas of school administration will be the expected standard of members.


    The following are key to providing membership services:

    • MOSPRA Executive Board Members
    • MOSPRA Executive Director
    • MOSPRA Bookkeeper
    • Spring & Fall Conference Program Committee Members
    • Ad Hoc committees and facilitators
    • APR Chair


    Objective 1.1  Document Vault


    One hundred percent of members will know the MOSPRA Document Vault is available as a resource as part of their membership.


    Created in 2015, the MOSPRA Document Vault exists to provide resources that reflect best practices in a host of school communications categories. The Vault, as part of MOSPRA’s Google Drive, will be made available to all MOSPRA members.


    Strategy 1.1.1

    The Executive Director will oversee the Document Vault, along with members who serve as volunteers. 


    Strategy 1.1.2

    MOSPRA Communications Contest Award winners will submit award-winning pieces to be included, as well as other pieces from high-performing/recognized school communications departments.


    Strategy 1.1.3

    Reach out to MOSPRA members on a regular basis and request that they share successful communications efforts from their district.


    Strategy 1.1.4

    The Communications Award Program Chair will also have editing rights to the Vault to assist with adding valuable materials on a timely basis.


    Indicator 1.1

    Ongoing review and evaluation of communications, marketing, and public relations materials, templates, etc.


    Indicator 1.2

    Data noting quality, ease of use, and volume of use of the vault will be collected from membership using annual and event-specific surveys. 



    Objective 1.2 Professional Development Opportunities


    Throughout the year, MOSPRA will provide ongoing, professional development at the state, regional, and sub-regional levels through statewide conferences, regional meetings, and online or virtual opportunities.


    Strategy 1.2.1

    Fall and Spring Program Committee, working in coordination with the Executive Director, will develop professional development sessions that will enhance skills related to school communications and public relations for members and non-members. Sessions will reflect best practices within specific focus areas of public relations and communications, and the conferences and regional meetings will promote networking opportunities. The Fall Conference Program Committee, in partnership with the Executive Director, will assist with all logistics, meals, and special events. When needed, the Program Committee will help solicit vendor sponsors to help defray costs. The Executive Director will secure sponsorships for the Spring Conference. (Special note: MOSPRA will also use funds from our full-year sponsors to help underwrite conference expenses.)


    Strategy 1.2.2

    Regional directors will coordinate regular meetings for members and non-members that offer networking opportunities and focused presentations and discussions on relevant school public relations topics within the region.  

    • A database of contacts who have specific expertise will be kept and shared with the Regional Directors
    • A speakers bureau of MOSPRA members with specific skill sets will be compiled and housed in the Document Vault.


    Strategy 1.2.3

    Designated members will coordinate sub-regional (“Rogue”) meetings. Those regions already effectively hosting Rogue meetings include West Central, Southwest Corner, and Southeast. Additional sub-regional areas may develop their own programs. Potential regions include Northeast, North Central, Northwest, South Central and Jefferson County.  Quarterly sub-regional meetings will address the needs of school districts that cannot attend the regional meetings.


    Strategy 1.2.4

    Detailed records and resources of annual conferences and regional meetings will be shared with the Executive Board and Executive Director. These documents will be cataloged and provided to future board members. (The development of processes is imperative to the Executive Board.)


    Strategy 1.2.5

    Select conference sessions, regional meetings, and special workshops will be provided to members via video tools and other live platforms.


    Indicator 1.2

    Data will be collected from membership using annual and event-specific surveys. 



    Objective 1.3 Professional Development: Mentoring & Support


    MOSPRA will provide ongoing professional development and support through individual mentoring opportunities specific to targeted members.


    Strategy 1.3.1

    Maintain the Colleague Connections program for new members to orient them to MOSPRA and to assist them in creating a support network.


    Strategy 1.3.2

    An Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) chairperson (or co-chairpersons) will provide resources and support to members seeking to obtain their APR. Ideally, there will be a co-chair from each side of the state.


    Strategy 1.3.3

    A “PR Boot Camp” will provide intensive training for those starting their careers as well as for veterans to enhance their skills, which will be provided on an as-needed basis.


    Strategy 1.3.4

    MOSPRA members will provide crisis management and communication support to any school district experiencing large-scale crises upon.


    Strategy 1.3.5

    MOSPRA will develop means to welcome new members and further help them build connections (beyond the Colleague Connections Program). 

    • A welcome sub-committee will be formed to develop a “New Member Reception” for the Spring Conference. Other new member welcoming opportunities will be explored including the Fall Conference and online social hours.


    Strategy 1.3.6

    MOSPRA will seek out qualified members, as well as outside resources, to provide members with information and training in public education advocacy.


    Strategy 1.3.7

    MOSPRA will provide new members with a series of Zoom interactions at the beginning of each school year to help provide a better understanding of association benefits, introduction to the Colleague Connections program and other networking opportunities, and professional development imperative to those new to the field.


    Strategy 1.3.8

    MOSPRA will provide additional professional development and learning opportunities to all members including “One Person Office Online Discussions,” “School Communicator’s Book Club,” and other opportunities on an as-needed basis.


    Indicator 1.3

    Data will be collected from membership using annual and event-specific surveys. 


    Objective 1.4 Communications to Members


    Throughout the year, MOSPRA will provide ongoing communication to ensure members are aware of news and opportunities.


    Strategy 1.4.1

    MOSPRA Update electronic newsletters will provide standardized content that will highlight upcoming events, member spotlights, guest op-ed, and/or helpful tips.


    Strategy 1.4.2

    MOSPRA will use its automated calling, texting, and email systems to reach out to members on key matters.


    Strategy 1.4.3

    MOSPRA regional directors will use the association’s mass email and SMS services to maintain lines of communication with members and non-members.

    • For SMS to be more effective, all members will be encouraged to include their mobile numbers in the membership software database (Memberclicks) contact fields.


    Strategy 1.4.4

    The MOSPRA Secretary, with support of select members, will execute a social media strategy. MOSPRA will continue to use social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, for such things as information about special events, celebrations of members and/or member districts, public relations tips, and professional development.


    Indicator 1.4

    Annual membership survey will indicate satisfaction/growth in these areas.



    Goal 2:  Membership Growth


    MOSPRA will grow as an organization by attracting school communications and public relations professionals, superintendents, as well as other school administrators, administrative assistants, and other school employees interested in serving their schools. MOSPRA will also provide assistance to districts to help them develop communications programs.


    The following are key to providing membership services:

    • MOSPRA Executive Board Members
    • MOSPRA Executive Director
    • Spring & Fall Conference Program Committee
    • Other membership-specific chairs


    Objective 2.1 Professional Development to Attract New Members


    Throughout the year, MOSPRA will partner and foster relationships with other professional organizations to provide ongoing, hands-on professional development opportunities for current and prospective members.


    Strategy 2.1.1

    MOSPRA will work to develop and maintain partnerships and provide sessions on effective school communications with other educational associations, including:

    • Missouri Association of School Administrators
    • Missouri School Boards’ Association
    • Missouri National Education Association
    • Missouri State Teachers Association
    • Missouri Association of Elementary Principals
    • Missouri Association of Secondary Principals
    • Missouri Association of School Business Associations
    • Missouri Association of Rural Education
    • Missouri Parents and Teachers Association
    • Missouri Parents and Teachers Organization
    • Other education associations who seek out MOSPRA’s assistance


    Strategy 2.1.2

    Maintain connections with other area professional associations (PRSA, IABC, CSPRC).


    Strategy 2.1.3

    MOSPRA members will reach out to school districts that do not have designated communications professionals on staff via sub-regional meetings, communications workshops, and personal contacts.


    Strategy 2.1.4

    MOSPRA will promote membership through testimonial videos.


    Indicator 2.1

    The MOSPRA Executive Board will track membership growth (including the development of new communications programs in districts in the state).





    Respectfully Submitted:

    Erica Chandler, APR, President

    Derek Duncan, APR, President-Elect

    David Luther, Executive Director

    June 5, 2023

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