• MOSPRA provides a network of professionals who can help you use educational public relations as a tool to help improve programs and services in your school district or organization. Communication, commitment and cooperation are the hallmarks of MOSPRA school communications practitioners. Promoting and encouraging effective communication is a common bond of MOSPRA members. To support this process, we would like to encourage you to participate in our Colleague Connection Program. This program assigns a public relations colleague to our new members and this person would support the new member in their new position as requested. 


    MOSPRA established the Colleague Connection Program to provide support, learning and professional growth opportunities for new members by establishing a collaborative, professional relationship with a MOSPRA colleague. In addition to providing you with a professional, confidential resource of school communication expertise during your first year as a member, your participation in this program will

    • create a dynamic link between you and a seasoned communications professional who will always be available to answer questions and to supply guidance and perspective.
    • build lasting relationships with communicators across the state.
    • provide a forum to reflect on your practice as a school communicator.
    • provide your MOSPRA colleague with an opportunity for professional growth from collaborating with you
    All new members will receive a Colleague Connections letter. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique program.
    Contact David Luther to begin the process! 
    (573) 353-0590
Last Modified on August 31, 2017