• The Missouri School Public Relations Association (MOSPRA) is the Missouri state chapter of the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA).  The MOSPRA organization has four regions: Western (Kansas City and surrounding area), Mid-State (central, northeast and southeast Missouri), Ozark (southwest Missouri), and Eastern (Greater St. Louis).

    After many conversations concerning the need for school public relations people to organize and affiliate with the National School Public Relations Association, Evelyn Balogh, Ladue School District; Paul Koch, Ferguson-Florissant School District; and Verna Green Smith, Ritenour School District, met on April 24, 1963, to begin developing plans.

    As chairman of the planning committee, Evelyn Balogh, together with Ida Bieber, Leroy Fritz, Bruce Deam, and Dick Weiss, discussed such a venture with Roy K. Wilson, executive secretary, at NSPRA’s 10th Annual Seminar.  Encouraged by Wilson, the St. Louis group called a charter meeting for September 21, 1963.  Charter members paid $5 for that privilege, and regular membership dues were set at $1.  

    The petition for the charter was filed with the national office in September 1963 and granted in December.  

    MOSPRA was formed in the summer of 1979 by a “merger” of the Greater St. Louis Chapter and Show-Me chapters of the National School Public Relations Association and received non-profit status from the state October 7, 1983.

    MOSPRA is dedicated to providing citizens with a better understanding of the objectives, accomplishments, and needs of the schools within our communities.
    MOSPRA's greatest asset is the strength of its network of professionals.  The organization has a great history of working collaboratively to assist member districts in better meeting the communications and public relations needs of its community.  The association also places emphasis in helping other educational associations with the message of the impact of quality public education.
    Whether it be helping districts with campaign strategies, providing assistance with how best to provide important student assessment data to parents, or helping a school district that is dealing with tragedy or crisis, MOSPRA is the leader is school communications and public relations.

Last Modified on June 25, 2018