Communications Awards Program Categories & Entry Form


    Communications Award Program Categories & Entry Form



    A presentation or episode of a single program or promotional piece. Judging will be based on strategic purpose (identified in the provided summary) and content along with quality. Please provide a URL in the body of the entry email to submit your entry. Another option would be to attach the file to the entry email.

    Electronic Newsletters

    External or internal electronic communications that are distributed regularly throughout the school year. Unless an annual publication, two different issues must be submitted to qualify as one entry. Please either submit by converting the e-newsletters into PDF files or by submitting archived URL addresses (preferred) in the body of the entry email.

    Marketing Materials/Special Purpose Publication

    Items used to communicate the appealing qualities or explain educational issues of a school, district or program. This is a single piece (multiple piece campaigns would fall under Golden Achievement). Please provide a URL address in the body of the entry email or attach a PDF version of your entry to the email.


    External or internal printed publication that is distributed on a regular basis (quarterly/annually). Unless an annual publication, two different issues must be submitted to qualify as one entry. Please include URL addresses for the archived versions of these issues or attach PDF versions to the entry email.

    Photo/Photo Series

    Single photo or photo series taken by an employee for publication. Please submit digital .jpeg images using the entry email. In addition, please provide a URL address or PDF file of the publication in which they were used.


    Submit the URL address of your website’s main page in the body of the entry email. Your district’s home page will be the only page evaluated. Ease of navigation, visual appeal, content and timeliness will be among the characteristics reviewed.

    Social Media

    Submit the URL address of your district’s social media account in the body of the entry email. Only district level social media accounts will be accepted, no individual building accounts please. Postings during the following time periods will be used to judge this category: September 9-22, March 10-23 and another two-week period of the entrants’ choice (a week beginning Sunday, ending Saturday)


    Op-ed pieces, editorials, releases or individual articles published online or in printed publications. Submit a URL address for the archived piece in the body of the entry email or attach a PDF file to the email.

    Golden Achievement Award

    The Golden Achievement Award recognizes best practices as demonstrated by a single public relations effort, program, event or campaign. It includes the use of multiple strategies and communication methods.

    Examples of potential entries include:

          Back-to-school orientation programs

          Support materials for a bond/levy campaign

          Staff/student recognition program

          Marketing campaign

          Community involvement program

          Anniversary celebration

          New building promotion and ribbon cutting 

    Please attach all pieces of the campaign to the entry email in PDF form OR include URL addresses for archived versions of the materials. In the body of the email, and in the summary document, please list all of the pieces of the campaign you are submitting.


    How to Enter:

    Email (one email per entry) your entry to using the following directions:

    • Attach the entry form.
    • Attach the one-page summary (details in “Contest Criteria” section).
    • Attach entry item (or provide URL in the body of the email) and any additional requirements for associated categories
    • In the body of the email type your name, district and contest category along with any other specific requirements for associated categories.
    • In the subject line list the contest category. Again, please submit ONE EMAIL PER ENTRY.


    (You must download this form in order to make it fillable.)



    Mail checks payable to:


    Missouri School Public Relations Assn.


    Send to:


    MOSPRA Treasurer

    RE: Communications Awards

    11469 Olive Blvd.


    Creve Coeur, MO 63141


    Communications Awards Chair:  Bob Satnan:

    Send entries to

    All entries and payments must be received by July 27, 2019.



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