Communications Awards Program Categories


    Communications Award Program Categories

    MOSPRA is pleased to offer an exceptionally strong and comprehensive Awards Program. This year, we are making two changes to improve member experience. First, we have worked to better align our categories with NSPRA's communications awards program. Second, we will use the Open Water evaluation software which will streamline the work of our judges and provide consistent feedback for member submissions.

    External or internal, published periodically. TWO different issues of the newsletter must be submitted to qualify as one entry. Links to additional issues may be submitted, but are optional. Print or digital.

     Video (2 categories: 1-person shop and multi-person department)
    A single video (If part of a series, select one episode. Full series can be entered in Golden Achievement.). Judging will be based on strategic purpose (identified in a provided summary) and content along with quality. Please provide a URL to access the video, rather than a file upload.

     Marketing Materials/Special Purpose Publication
    Items used to communicate the appealing qualities or explain educational issues of a school, district or program. External or internal booklet, brochure, poster or material not included in other categories.. This is a single piece (multiple piece campaigns would fall under Golden Achievement). Please provide a URL or attach a PDF version of your entry.

    Social Media
    Social media communication campaign or collection of posts that effectively use social media for awareness, fundraising, enrollment drives, or other strategic objectives. Upload a one-page explanation that includes the following: overview/purpose of the campaign/posts; links to the social media content; relevant analytics that demonstrate the level of engagement with the social media content; and description of the outcomes achieved.

    One article from a newsletter, newspaper op-ed piece, website, editorial or speech. Length of 500 to 5,000 words. Submit only the relevant article, not an entire publication. Submit ONE article per entry.

    An image that effectively tells a story, captures significant moments or conveys the ethos of a school community. Submit ONE photo per entry.

    Golden Achievement Award (2 categories: 1-person shop and multi-person department)|
    The Golden Achievement Award recognizes best practices as demonstrated by a single public relations effort, program, event or campaign. It includes the use of multiple strategies and communication methods. Requires a one-page summary document outlining the effort’s purpose and goals. RPIE will be a foundation of the judging process (see “Contest Criteria”). 

    Examples of potential entries include:

    • Back-to-school orientation programs

    • Support materials for a bond/levy campaign

    • Staff/student recognition program

    • Marketing campaign

    • Community involvement program

    • Anniversary celebration

    • New building promotion and ribbon cutting

    Please combine all pieces of the campaign in PDF form OR include URL addresses for archived versions of the materials. In the body of the summary document, please list all the pieces of the campaign you are submitting.

    Cost and Payment Options

    $35 for the first entry and $30 for each additional entry

    To pay for your submissions, please visit and click on the Events tab. You will see that you may pay for your initial and any subsequent submissions. You will have the option to pay via credit card or have an invoice sent to you and pay by check. The invoice will note the address to send the check:

    Executive Director
    Missouri School Public Relations Association
    3550 Amazonas Drive
    Jefferson City, MO 65109

    How to Enter


    Communications Awards Chairs:  

    Bob Satnan:
    Samantha Fitzgerald: 

    All entries and payments must be received by July 26, 2024.



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